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The South Field

The splendid South Field is a sweep of exquisite green turf framed by a double-tiered grandstand mansion and the regal skyline of apartments and villas that comprise Fortune Heights, Tianjin’s most prestigious real estate development.

The Polo Field

The Size

The polo field is boarded to an international size of 300 yards by 160 yards plus safety zones, totaling 360 yards in length by 180 yards in width. This is about the size of 9 football fields combined.

The Turfgrass

The South field was sown with three different species of grass seed consisting of seven different varieties. They are Kentucky bluegrass – varieties (Nu Glade, Nu Chicago, Nu Destiny), Turf type tall fescue – varieties (Summer, Quest), and Perennial Ryegrass – varieties (Accent II, Revenge GLX).

The Sand

Consists of coarse river sand, medium river sand, organic earthworm soil and peat moss.

South Field Buildings

The South Field buildings are designed in a new French classic renaissance style.

Central VIP building: a double-tiered grandstand mansion of 20 VIP suites, which can hold 500 spectators at any one time.

South Stand and North Stand: suitable venues for corporate events.


Location Map

How to get to Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club / Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo
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Address: South Field, Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club
No.16 Hai Tai Hua Ke Jiu Lu, Bin Hai Gao Xin Qu, Tianjin, China 300384
Tel: (86) 22 8372 8888