Press Release

Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2016

Tianjin, China, 14 June 2016 – Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club has announced that Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2016 – The London Challenge will take place from 12 July to 17 July 2016.

Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo tournament 2016 – the London Challenge will showcase top university polo teams from England and the USA.

The participating teams are from the University of Cambridge, the University of London, the University of Oxford, Harvard University, Cornell University, and Skidmore College and they will gather at the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club from 12 July to 17 July 2016.

This is the fourth year of the international tournament in Tianjin and it aims to help raise the awareness of polo amongst the area’s young people by inviting university polo players from nations that have a strong history of supporting polo.

Besides the fast and furious polo action on the field, representatives from top universities will also be in attendance to participate in cultural and academic exchanges with local students, parents and alumni.

This goes to show that the Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2016 competition is more than just a polo tournament. It is a chance to experience the world of polo. The audiences and guests will be able to get a closer look at this noble and royal sport.