Harvard Polo Club

Harvard Polo Club dates from 1883 with its first intercollegiate game against Yale in 1907. The team today counts 18 men and women undergraduates and 6 graduate school players. It has 16 polo ponies and two horse rigs to transport them to home and away games. Players pay dues and work with the horses to supplement alumni support and college grants that support the program. The club has recently acquired a 10-acre farm as its home and horse stable very near the well known Myopia Polo Club north of Boston.

One of 34 college teams that are members of the United States Polo Association, the Club has a full schedule of home and away intercollegiate games during the Fall and Winter seasons against Ivy League teams, including Yale, Cornell, Brown and Colorado State, as well as University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Stanford University and University of Southern California.