Stanford Polo Club

Team lineup of Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2014

Stanford Polo ClubThe Stanford Polo Club is one of the oldest student groups at Stanford University. It first began in 1919 and has been a home for horse enthusiasts and sports fans ever since. The club has approximately 20 student members and is entirely operated by students who pay dues and coaches who volunteer their time and knowledge to help the club grow. The Stanford Polo Club offers both avid and novice riders the opportunity to learn and compete in polo.

The club fields both men’s and women’s teams and plays in tournaments with local polo clubs around the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, Stanford Polo Club hosts matches every year with several teams from all over California and the Pacific Northwest competing in each tournament. In the intercollegiate division of the United States Polo Association (USPA), Stanford competes in the Western Region against teams such as University of California-Davis, California Polytechnic University, University of Southern California and Washington State University.